If you plan to travel abroad with your pet, our assistance may be helpful. Note that for each country, the regulations for importing your animal are different. Also, we recommend that you plan your trip in advance, at least 7 months before your departure for some countries. Since January 2012, the EU has harmonized its regulations concerning the importation of pets, but for countries like Australia, Japan, Taiwan, and others, a long procedure is still needed.

Many countries require vaccination against rabies and microchip identification.

For animals traveling, we offer the following services:

  • Microchip implantation (under the skin, fast and easy act which is a simple injection, requiring no anesthesia).

  • Vaccination

  • Rabies antibody blood test (required for entry into certain countries, including the EU, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan… )

  • Health certificates are required for exporting your pet out of Viet Nam and required by the destination country.

  • Fully service package from your home to the airport: ticket booking, management of administrative documents, customs clearance, authorization, and registration formalities at the airport.

Please contact us for more specific information about your destination